Stacey Kille Deco is a design and lifestyle company based in the south of France specialising in creating unique and beautiful homes.

We provide a range of decoration and de-cluttering services uniquely tailored to your needs, from simple style advice to schemes for individual areas, entire villas, renovation and building projects too. Our “Move-Me” and Settling-In services are designed to help people move out or into homes, with skilled organisation and design advice.  We make each move as stress-free as possible, spending time with you personally, or via Skype and email, so you are totally in-control and up-to-date every step of the way.

We recognise that homes must be versatile, both for personal family use or as a successful business investment.  Whether dealing with a studio apartment or a spacious holiday villa – our goal is to maximise the potential of each and every space!



Stacey Kille
I believe that style should be totally personal and that the pieces we choose, be they functional, beautiful or sentimental, should tell a story – and create magic each time we walk in the door.
A room is soulless without something unique both to you and for you, and that your home should reflect you – not a catalogue.
Comfort comes first, with style a close second. I don’t want your home to look like anyone else’s. I want it to be a story of you and your family. Original and unique.


keys to a great result

Keys to a great result in any situation

Reliability – if we say we will do something, then we do it!
We listen – a lot – and we work hard to keep you informed every step of the way
We establish a clear brief of what you want ensuring we know how best to help you
We understand you will always want to keep certain things… we work hard to incorporate them into the ensemble for you
We are creative thinkers and problem solvers – we think on our feet – and adapt!