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As an extension to Stacey Kille Deco we have a really practical side to us too.
It’s where our style passion meets organisation addiction …



Move Me

“Move me”

Moving is known to be one of the five most stressful experiences in life.

We love organising, de-cluttering, and using our design experience to help guide you in what to keep before packing up.

So not only will we help you pack, but we will save you money on unnecessary transport or storage costs at the same time.

We work with the most reliable transport and storage companies, and will oversee the safe packing and unpacking of your home on the Cote d’Azur.






settling-in concierge



Settling-In Concierge

Settling-in Concierge

In the same way we can provide amazing service to move you out – we can also move you in!

We will take care of all the details, including utilities and unpacking. We will then clean and style your new space with furniture old and new to look amazing.

All you need to do is arrive and enjoy!










cherry pick a la carte servicesCherry Pick à la Carte

Moving out

We come to your house to give you a skilled and objective assessment of what’s needed to move you out of your home efficiently and intelligently
We guide you based on where you are going and what you tell us, as to what to keep, what to re-purpose, what to sell and what to donate. We then organise it!
We liaise and find you the right removals firm and storage
We pack you up, and organise you – either with you there or in your absence – keeping you informed all the way. We can save you time and money by knowing what not to pack and what to keep, and by being thorough and able to think ‘outside the box’. That can be hugely beneficial when you unpack at the other end – no matter where you are going
We oversee the move if you need us to, from start to finish

Moving in

We can oversee your removals company arrival, check your boxes and personal effects
We can work with you, or in your absence – as you need us to
We unpack as much or as little as you want us to – creating order in chaos
We style and set up each room or even the entire villa as needed – making it perfect for your arrival
From lightbulbs to toilet paper, attention to detail is key to you having a functional and beautiful home as quickly as is possible with the minimum of stress

What if what you want is none of the above? That’s OK.

We are open minded and flexible – lets just talk and see if we can build you the perfect plan.
Shall we call you? Or would you like to call us?!

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