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Pure Deco

We relish the opportunity to create beautiful schemes for any size of project.

Pulling together a beautiful, well-rounded room full of texture, depth and function takes a lot of time and we want to do it as well as we possibly can while remaining reliable and passionate about what we do!

We are gifted at interpreting the right style and look to reflect our client’s personality and that of their home. Incorporating old and new, helping you know which are the perfect pieces to buy, and helping you to update your existing furniture.

Would you love to update your home and at the same time develop a scheme that can transform your villa from a beautiful personal space into a hard working rental home?

We recognize that homes must be versatile, both for personal family use and to become financially intelligent, so from a studio apartment to a large family home, maximising each home’s potential is unique and personal – and very, very exciting!!!




move-me De-clutter

Perhaps you have accumulated lots of things over the years that you never got round to throwing away?
Perhaps you find it hard to be objective about what to keep?
Perhaps you would value advice as to whats possible with some much loved but tired furniture ?
Perhaps the idea of going through years of stuff simply makes your head swim … and you lack the time ?

Our organisation and de-cluttering services aim to effectively make intelligent decisions on what to keep and what to sell or give away. A much-loved family piece of furniture can benefit from being re-upholstered or renovated … Our experience enables us to advise you what are the key pieces to keep – either for your existing home or if you are moving onto a new home. We can organise all thats needed even taking your unwanted furniture away – leaving you with an uncluttered space and stress-free.




cherry pick a la carte servicesCherry Pick à la Carte

We come to visit your home

We will look at the exactly what you would like us to do and what you goal is

If we are de-cluttering – do you want us to help donate, sell and organise all the things you don’t want to keep?

We can do some personal shopping with you no matter the size of project.

Is it major work or less complicated? How much time would you like us to take? We will take pictures and talk through ideas

Ask you how you would prefer us to present our ideas to you – in person or by email and presentation?

Then get down to the fun stuff and send you inspiration showing the visual direction along with some product picks, design ideas ..what ever the brief was

We hope you love the ideas we have… we work till you do !

We will talk logistics, timing and put dates in the calendar

We will talk quotes and money and all the boring stuff

Then we will organise, de-clutter, create the scheme, organise the artisans,whatever it takes to have a happy client!

What if what you want is none of the above? That’s OK.

We are open minded and flexible – lets just talk and see if we can build you the perfect plan.
Shall we call you? Or would you like to call us?!

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